Blueberry Granola Soda Bread

Got granola?  Lose the boring bowl and give your soda bread an easy and delicious makeover with this recipe for Blueberry Granola Soda Bread.

Blueberry Granola Soda Bread

It is a tradition in my Family to make soda bread every year to serve with our St Patrick’s Day corned beef and cabbage meal.  This year, I decided to stray from the norm and make a Blueberry Granola Soda Bread with the Sweet Home Farm granola samples I received a few weeks ago.  Truth:  I’m not a big granola person, mainly because the store bought stuff is filled with nasty preservatives and artificial flavors and colors.  I’d rather just make my own at home with honey and organic oats and nuts.  So when I had a chance to check out Sweet Home Farm granola, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it’s made with all natural ingredients, simple sweeteners, and is non-GMO.  Hip hip hooray!!!

Blueberry Granola Soda Bread

I received three different flavors of granola:  Wild Blueberry with Flax, Low Fat Granola with Raisins, and Honey Nut.  For real, how cute is this milk carton packaging??  Love it!  Here’s the breakdown of each granola and then onto the recipe…

Blueberry Granola Soda BreadBlueberry Granola Soda Bread

Wild Blueberry with Flax- Obviously this was my favorite because I ended up making soda bread with it  😋  The granola was light, crunchy, and tasted like I was eating a handful of blueberries.  Yeah, see that one lone blueberry in the pic?  There’s only one left because I ate them all before I could even take a picture.  There’s a lesson to be learned here, my friends, do not leave me alone with blueberries if you want some to eat some too.

Blueberry Granola Soda Bread

Low Fat Granola- Okay, this was chocked full of so many pump raisins that I don’t understand how they got them all in the container.  This literally tasted just like someone took a bunch of oatmeal raisins cookies and crumbled them up to make granola.  Plus, it’s low fat!  Whhhaaaaatttt?!?  That’s some crazy talk…some good tasting crazy talk.  A big  👍👍 from me!

Blueberry Granola Soda Bread

Honey Nut-  I was most excited about this flavor because it’s made with honey and almonds, which are two of my favorite things in granola.  My first impression was that it had a lot of coconut flavor.  Now, I’m perfectly cool with that because I love coconut, but Hubby J was not (he greatly dislikes coconut).  Coconut is listed in the ingredients but truthfully, I wasn’t expecting it to taste so much like it.  I actually had a big cup of this granola combined with a handful of fresh raspberries in my grass fed organic plain yogurt from Benedikt Dairy last night and it was killer!  Personally, I’m very glad it tastes like coconut so I don’t have to share it with Hubby 😉

Blueberry Granola Soda Bread

Now let’s talk about this recipe for blueberry granola soda bread…when I made this Irish Stout Lamb Stew last week, I knew I just had to make a big loaf of soda bread to serve with it.  I had the granola sitting on the kitchen counter and figured, why the hell not, let’s add some granola in there too.  Oh my goodness, it was the best decision I’ve made in a while.  Not trying to pat myself on the back or anything but it tasted like a bread that floated down from the heavens.  It was moist, delicious, with just enough sweetness, and as easy as pie to throw together.  Plus it makes awesome french toast the next day, like this recipe for Cranberry Irish French Toast with Whiskey Butter  that I made last year.   Hands in the air to a little whiskey with your breakfast.  Woop Woop!

Check out those blueberries in the bread.  Yummy!

Blueberry Granola Soda Bread

So grab that granola you’ve got sitting in your pantry and use it to make a deliciously different Blueberry Granola Soda Bread!

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Blueberry Granola Soda Bread
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 1 loaf
  • 2¼- 2½ cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • ½ tsp baking powder
  • ½ cup blueberry granola
  • ¼ cup demerara sugar
  • 3 Tb unsalted butter, chilled and cut into small pieces
  • ¾ cup plain yogurt
  • 1 egg, lightly beaten
  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Sift together flour, baking soda, and baking powder. Stir in granola and demerara sugar. Mix in butter with a pastry cutter or use fingers until thoroughly combined. Set aside.
  3. Mix together yogurt and egg in a small bowl. Pour egg mixture into flour mixture and stir well. Knead together lightly with hands to form a round loaf. Place loaf on parchment paper or silpat lined cookie sheet. Take a knife and lightly cut an 'X' on the top of loaf. Bake for 35-40 minutes, or until loaf sounds hollow when tapped on top.
  4. Transfer loaf to wire rack and let cool at least 5 minutes before cutting into slices.



  1. says

    This sounds so good!! I’ve never made any kind of bread that isn’t flat before (unless you count a failed burger bun experiment), so I nervously peeked down at the recipe to see what kinds of fancy equipment I needed but don’t have… I didn’t realize you could make bread on a baking sheet?!? Where have I been?? I smell a weekend activity!
    Sophie recently posted…Roasted broccoli pasta with tahini sauceMy Profile

  2. says

    Karrie, your talk of stew, granola and thick slices of soda bread has me so incredibly hungry right now!! I completely agree with you on being a homemade granola type of gal. Homemade is just usually better than storebought–so when you actually find a storebought one that’s delicious and has good ingredients, it’s like winning the jackpot. The Honey Nut flavor sounds delish! Too bad the hubby doesn’t like coconut… I LIVE for that stuff! Haha. Meanwhile, let me go ahead and just pat you on the back for coming up with such a delicious idea! Pinned already, of course. P.S. I need some of your french toast, like now! Have a great weekend, Karrie. :)
    demeter | beaming baker recently posted…Funfetti Birthday CupcakesMy Profile

    • Karrie@tastyeverafter says

      I never, ever, ever eat store bought and this granola was awesome! I was very impressed. If you like coconut, you’ll love the honey nut. I’ve been eating it every night for dessert :)

  3. says

    Well hello deliciousness! I looooove granola, but always make my own because like you, I’m weary of the store bought kind. But, I’ll have to check out Sweet Home Farms, because I know you have stellar taste, Karrie! That honey nut sounds fab. One of my favorite flavor combos! Now onto this bread, Ummmm amazing! LOVE that you added blueberry granola to irish soda bread, chicka! So clever! And I’ll bet it tastes delicious! I could totally eat this plain as a meal, but turning it into french toast with whiskey sounds even better!! Score! Pinned! Cheers, lovely! Xo
    Cheyanne @ No Spoon Necessary recently posted…Smashed Chipotle Chickpea Salad SandwichMy Profile

  4. says

    Those cartons ARE cute. It’s a great idea to add granola to jazz up regular soda bread. I love all the blueberries in it! I’m going to need some with my St. Patrick’s corned beef and cabbage dinner this year! Have fun celebrating St. Patricks Day!

  5. says

    Karrie OMG I am so making this right now!! It’s calling my name–love soda bread, and the granola addition is simply genius! Thanks for sharing!

  6. says

    I’ve never made soda bread with or without granola, but with sure seems like a fantastic idea! I love the way those blueberries look in there with that color! Homemade granola is always a good choice, but if you can have someone make a healthy weird stuff – free version that comes in a cute milk container, why wouldn’t you? I bet that honey nut version would be awesome in bread too!
    Rachelle @ Beer Girl Cooks recently posted…Homemade Pistachio PuddingMy Profile

  7. says

    Wow, how beautiful is your bread, like very much the crust and I can see from the pictures that it’s delicious ❤❤ I made soda bread before, and next time I would like to try your recipe. I don’t know if I will find Granola here but I know how to make it at home, so nothing can stop me now :) Thank you Karrie, for another great recipe ❤❤
    simonacallas recently posted…Apple Sauce CheesecakeMy Profile

  8. says

    Your soda bread looks SO good, Karrie! Loving the granola and blueberry twist. I need to try that granola brand out too because I hate how store-bought granola always has so many fake ingredients too!

  9. says

    Oh god this just looks and sounds so delicious, I wonder how much more yummy it would taste! Definately have to give this one a try! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  10. says

    Have never heard about Granola soda bread . Bread has come out perfect. Iam inclined towards recipes with very few ingredients and this one requires little work and my breakfast will be ready. I am all for this bread

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